Yankees GM Brian Cashman Jumped Out Of A Plane This Morning [UPDATED – Broken Ankle]

It’s been anything but a smooth off-season for the Yankees. Yeah, it’s been bad, but even we didn’t think it was bad enough to prompt general manager Brian Cashman to jump out of a plane!

Between the A-Rod steroid allegations/hip surgery, Granderson’s broken arm and Rivera’s knee issues, we get that its been a stressful few months for Cashman. Seeing this, however, is pretty bizarre.

Cashman said:

I like doing new things. I like challenges and stuff like that. This is a great opportunity, and a great opportunity to raise awareness.

The guy is in charge of a multi-billion dollar brand and he is just jumping out a place like it ain’t no thing.

Something tells us Cashman thought long and hard and made the right decision to do this after George Steinbrenner died.

Cashman is quite the daredevil and is pulling the stunt to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. New York Daily News reporter John Harper accompanied him on the journey, but pulled the smart move and chose against jumping with the GM.

The jump went well and apparently Cashman decided to go up for round two.


So it looks like Brian Cashman should have quit while he was ahead. We went to get some lunch and came back to news from NYDN reporter John Harper that Cashman broke his ankle while attempting to land his second jump. Word is bone broke through the skin!


Look for Cash to be placed on the 60-day DL.

[h/t @NYDNHarper]

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