Philadelphia Flyers Tye McGinn Has Fractured Orbital Bone [PHOTO, VIDEO]

22-year old LW Tye McGinn made his debut with the Philadelphia Flyers a little over a week ago. Only a few days later he found himself in the middle of a scrap with then Toronto Maple Leaf Mike Brown. Brown, a seasoned veteran of the NHL fighting circuit, pounded McGinn and ended up fracturing his orbital bone.

The fight took place on February 25, but a photo surfaced today showing just how messed up McGinn looks after the injury. This looks like a guy who just got whopped in a UFC fight. Unreal.

Here is video of the fight that turned McGinn into a black, blue and purple mess. You can tell which shot causes the damage because McGinn instantly drops like a ton of bricks.

McGinn is likely going to be out for at least four weeks of action. Something tells us this might be the last time McGinn drops the gloves in the 2013 season.

[h/t Broad Street Hockey]

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