Drunk Mo Vaughn Wearing Indians Hat In Queens Bar?



To be honest, I’ve been Twitter hunting Mo Vaughn for a solid 12 weeks. Ever since last April when we caught Mo outside an Indians game and learning he lives in Ohio, the guy has fascinated me. The guy made $100,405,001 during his 12-year career, yet he’s running an Ohio trucking company and partying while wearing an Indians hat.

New Yorker @chinitopro1 posted this photo Sunday to Instagram with an “Area Club” location tag. It seems there is a Club Area in Queens that seems to be pretty popular.

Let’s hope that Mo wore actually wore an Indians hat to a Queens bar. Mo only made $46,500,001 for 29 home runs before ending his career.

[Indians Fan Wearing ‘Caucasians’ Shirt Runs Into Mo Vaughn At Game]



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