Best Of Zubaz – Your Dad’s Favorite Pants Maker Is Back [51 PHOTOS]



With the Adidas announcement last week that college basketball teams would be wearing Zubaz-inspired shorts during March Madness, the Minnesota-based pants maker made its way back into pop culture. To some, Zubaz never left pop culture.

And the brilliant marketing strategy from Zubaz is to not really try to be popular again.

There’s no mention from the company media relations department about the Adidas “Zubaz-inspired” basketball shorts. But that didn’t stop media outlets such as Deadspin, ESPN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Vice, Yahoo and more making reference in Adidas jersey stories.

Again, Zubaz wasn’t even trying. The company’s Twitter account (@zubaz) has a whopping 1,300 followers. Facebook is a little better with 6,400 likes. They’re not exactly making news via social media.

And it gets better, according to, Zubaz is sitting back and enjoying the free publicity from Adidas.

“We just sit back and laugh,” said (Dan) Stock (president of Zubaz), adding that traffic to theZubaz website has soared ever since the new adidas unis were revealed.

When we wrote about Zubaz last March, Rob Gronkowski had been spotted working out while wearing the infamous pants. Again, Zubaz wasn’t really trying to market itself. Of course Team Gronk received some special gear in the mail, but it’s not like Zubaz is popping up in ESPY gift bags.

Advice for business and social media majors: start studying Zubaz from the ground up.

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[Official – Zubaz]

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