Jay Bilas About To Film Rap Video With UCLA Cheerleaders & More Screencaps!

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Find me a better photo of Jay Bilas on the internet. There’s no use in trying. Just look at the confidence from Pitbull as he relaxes on the ESPN GameDay bus. Those girls could be his daughters, yet it looks like Bilas could talk them into clubbing with him and Jalen. Pure talent.

One can only hope there is video of Pitbull Bilas dropping rap lyrics on the ladies. Oh, we’ll be digging around.

And more.

(via @UCLAAthletics)


Meanwhile, over on SportsCenter.


And on ESPN Fantasy Baseball, um, what the fuck is going on here?


Let’s switch gears and head over to the NHL where this guy had a rough workweek, his wife wouldn’t stop bitching and he just wanted to cap it all off with a Ducks game.


Picture 2

As for Andrew Bynum’s hair, no way it plays for the 76ers this season. Not happening.

Picture 3

As for the NY Post, they’re taking a shot at Rory McIlroy who left a golf tournament over wisdom tooth pain.

Picture 4