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Shirtless Ohio State Linebackers Modeling A Harley

Um, as an Ohio State fan, let me be the first to ask why the Buckeyes linebackers are shirtless and modeling next to that Harley? You guys know this photo will appear on Every Day Should Be Saturday and every other SEC blog where they’ll be calling you fat and slow.

You guys know this photo will end up on all the message boards where you’ll be called “Ohio State fast” and “gay.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We can only imagine our friends at are going to get boned up over this one.

You’ll end up on MGoBlog or wherever Michigan fans hang these days.

But, Camren Williams thought it would be a good call to put the shirtless pic on his Twitter account. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that this would be a very bad decision.

What’s up with getting shirtless next to a Harley? At least have a Tri Delt sitting on it.

And guess what tweet preceded the shirtless photo? This one.

Picture 1


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