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Michael Rupp vs Paul Bissonnette: BizNasty Gets Rocked Over Left Eye

The big news from Michael Rupp vs Paul Bissonnette: BizNasty left last night’s brawl with a stream of blood over his left eye after getting rocked by Rupp. You had to figure, after BizNasty went on a three-game scoring streak, he’d be a little rusty in the fighting department.

After his suddenly hot play, the Coyotes actually gave Biz 12 shifts last night against Minnesota. As you can see in the video, this fight took place early in the 1st period, meaning Biz shook off getting rocked to play the rest of the Coyotes 4-3 loss to the Wild.

If you get a weak stomach from watching hockey guys get drilled with punches, I’d recommend you not hit play.

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