Manny Ramirez Not Using Just For Men On Gray Dreads [PHOTO]

We first shed light on Manny Ramirez’s gray hair back in May. The slugger was just shamelessly out and about being photographed looking like a man 20 years his elder. Fast forward nine months and nothing has changed. Well, except he looks a lot skinnier.

Remember, Manny is only 40.

Here’s the look he was sporting back in May:

You would think in nine months time Manny would’ve hit up his local CVS for some Just For Men gel to, you know, look his age. Nope, he made ‘finding the lord’ his priority and totally ignored the growing number of gray hairs on his head.

After signing a deal that will probably net him around $12,000 a month to play in Taiwan, we thought Manny would at least try to clean up his look. He’s got a full batch of Taiwanese tail to impress while out on the bar scene.

[h/t mariocolina10 Instagram]

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