Craig Sager Looking All Tore Up Last Night & More Screencapping Fun!

What happened to Craig Sager’s head? Why was he wearing a bandage over his left eye during last night’s Lakers game? Cancerous tissue carved out of his head? Smacked by road beef? Beat up after a tennis match at the country club? Cat scratched the sideline reporter?


All good guesses. We do know he’s been wearing the bandage away from the court while rolling with his homies on a salad run.




Sager wears $300 Nikes? It seems that old saying, “you learn something new everyday” is legitimate. More from Sager later this morning.

In other NBA news, who does homework at a Bulls game? Are you kidding me?


In NHL news, we missed this from mid-week.


Yes, Duke lost, 73-68 last night in Charlottesville.



Spot the the logo fail.


As for baseball, it’s not looking good for outdoors baseball on Opening Day in Minneapolis.


Finally, in New York, they’re dealing with the news that a retread is coming in to give Mark Sanchez some competition. In other words, Mark Sanchez will be the Jets starting QB in September.

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