Craig Sager & “LeBron Is A Bitch” Ginger At Last Night’s Lakers Game

What’s the perfect shirt for a Ginger to wear to a Thursday Lakers game when they’re playing the Timberwolves and TNT is broadcasting? Of course you wear a “LeBron is a bitch” shirt.

Then to make the night complete, you track down Craig Sager, who is wearing that head bandage, and get him to take a photo while you’re wearing said “LeBron is a bitch” shirt.

@lenardizag reports:

My brother after tonight’s Lakers game with Craig Sager who obviously isn’t a big Lebron fan himself.

It’s now a tossup as to which “LeBron is a bitch” t-shirt moment is better: Sager vs. Rondo.

Gotta go with Sager because everyone already knew that Rondo thought LeBron is a bitch. Sager, on the other hand, will have some explaining to do the next time he interviews King.

And King will obviously hear about this because there’s no way Sager and the Ginger don’t go viral.

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