30 Best Photos Of Katsia Zingarevich – World’s Hottest Soccer Owner’s Wife!

There’s a story in today’s Sun newspaper in London on how former Victoria’s Secret model Katsia Zingarevich had some newer photos on the internet for Intimissimi lingerie. But the post was in the sports section. Come to find out, Katsia, 23, is actually married to a Russian dude, Anton Zingarevich, whose family is loaded and he owns the Reading Football Club.

That’s right, this chick is easily the hottest owner’s wife in sports. It’s not even a competition. Katsia’s portfolio speaks for itself (see below).

This is a brilliant move for a Victoria’s Secret model. Instead of dating and marrying some player who will ultimately blow all his money on sports cars and stupid jewelry, you marry the owner. Anton is 30, his net worth is unknown and he can spend big cash on players, but isn’t going Steinbrenner just yet.

Katsia didn’t marry a moron.

Anton understands he’s not going to immediately compete with Manchester United or Man City. His Reading (5-14-8) team is 19th in the 20 team Premiere League.

The good news is that he’s all set in the hot chick department.

[Zing when you’re winning! – The Sun]

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