Sarah Savage Claims She’s Still Johnny Football’s Other Trophy [TWEETS]

Evidence was mounting and yesterday we insinuated that Johnny Manziel and longtime girlfriend Sarah Savage broken up. It only took a few hours but our story ended up reaching Savage and she responded to the speculation.

Turns out, for once, we were wrong. Savage tweeted out the following message yesterday afternoon:

Sarah-Savage-Tweet (1)

And there it is. The “#stilltogether” pretty much seals the deal that they are in fact still together. You can’t really blame us for speculating though, but a mistake is a mistake and we’ll own up to it. Manziel’s buddy Nate had this to say after Savage ribbed him for his poor humor.

Nate Fitch Tweet (1)

Manziel has been mum on all fronts and actually hasn’t tweeted in over a week. Certainly odd behavior on his part, but perhaps he is focusing all of his energy on his strenuous online class schedule.