NC State CF Brett Williams With Front Flip Catch Of The Year [VIDEO]

NC State took on New Mexico State yesterday in some early season action. NC State’s star CF Brett Williams made one of the most unique, yet impressive, catches we’ve ever seen. Yes, there was a front-flip involved.

Williams has gotten some attention from the MLB, but is currently only six games in after going through a full ACL recovery. Seems to be doing alright.

His prowess doesn’t stop in the field. Williams has reached base safely in 15-18 plate appearances and is¬†batting .458 (11-for-24) on the season. As for last night? Oh, just a paltry 2-3 effort with 3 RBI and a run.¬†Not bad for a guy coming off of a full ACL tear.

NC State won the game 9-2 and improved to 6-1 on the season.