ESPN Camera Catches Texas Fan Wearing His Oklahomo Spooners Shirt & More Screencaps!

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Poor Oklahoma. Not only did the Sooners (18-9) suffer a brutal loss last night to Texas (13-15), 92-86 in OT, they also had this shirt show up on ESPN.  Sadly, the place that sells those shirts is currently out of stock.

Nice hair, dbag.

In other college basketball news, how long had it been since Penn State had won a Big Ten game? A long, long time…until last night when the Nittany Lions beat Michigan.

Look at that conference record. So beautiful. Thing is, they still get an invite to the conference tourney where anything can happen. You win one and the next thing you know Penn State goes on a roll and Indiana comes knocking in the Big Ten tourney championship.


In the NBA, no way he doesn’t color that half-beard.


Also in Portland, YOLO.

Picture 1

In NHL news, a YOLO for Red Wings fan.

Picture 1

As for baseball, the big news on Wednesday was this from Kurkjian.


I have absolutely no idea who this is, but he makes good money playing baseball. Ladies, get some!

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In New York, here we thought Steph Curry won the game with his 54 points.

Picture 2