Drunk Blazers Fan Goes YOLO & Gets Stretchered During First Quarter At Rose Garden

drunk blazers fan

How exactly do you get pumped for a Blazers-Nuggets game in late February? By drinking your face off before you come in so you don’t have to drop $8.50 on a Bud Light in the arena, that’s how.

This guy took that to heart and ended up being wheeled out on a stretcher…in the first quarter! YOLO!

After we tweeted out photo this morning, the guy who posted it (@JTuski) told us the juicy details.

drunk blazers fan tweet (1)

We wanted a little more recon. Did Josh catch what jersey he was wearing? Did he see him pounding vodka from his Blazers flask? Did he see him being loaded onto the stretcher?

drunk blazers fan tweet (2)

YOLO! Just a pair of Portland buddies slamming some Wolfschmidt’s vodka in the parking lot before some February NBA action. They didn’t miss much.

The Blazers lost to Denver 111-109.

[h/t @JTuski]