Johnny Manziel & Girlfriend Sarah Savage Splitsville? Evidence Mounts![PHOTOS]


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We may have uncovered the final piece of the puzzle that is Johnny Manziel and Sarah Savage’s relationship. There was uncertainty as to whether the two were still an item but recent comments from Savage herself have led us to believe they recently went through a break up.

But wait, didn’t every other blog post her new bikini photo, claiming she was still Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend? Weren’t they all comparing Savage to Katherine Webb? Yes. Did they do a little more digging over the next few days? Of course not, that’s where we come in.

We spotted this photo,which was posted yesterday, from Instagram user aandw13:

Sarah-Savage (1)

Notice that caption? It’s referring to Savage as Johnny Manziel’s EXgirlfriend. Not enough to convince you? Well check out this comment from the uploader:

I asked if she approved and my dad said they were having problems. Lol┬áhe’s a fool!

The saga continues. Three days after the lead photo of Manziel and Savage was posted, Johnny Football’s best friend Nathan Fitch sent out the following tweet:


Can’t imagine Fitch would be tweeting like that at Savage if she was still Johnny Football’s arm candy. If you look at the Urban Dictionary definition for “thirsty” this doesn’t bode well for Savage.

To crave attention.

Trying to talk to the opposite sex (most likely)

Like if a girl/guy like someone they try wayyy to hard to talk to them when the person isn’t giving them the time of day

damn why he so thirsty..he’s always in my inbox trying to talk to me,like can’t he see that I don’t want him !

Savage’s response?


We brought to light rumors of potential side chicks Manziel had holed up in D.C. and Arizona. Did Savage get wind of this news early or did Manziel dump Savage to enjoy the glorious single life of a Heisman winner?

Either way, this looks to be the end of an era. Texas A&M coeds are probably frothing at the mouth to get a piece of Manziel.


We’re told the “ex-girlfriend” comment may have been made in jest. We’re merely putting evidence out there, but we’ll let you guys decide what to think.

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[@Sarah_Savage13] [sarahsavage13 Instagram]

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