Devin Brugman Dumped Browns WR Greg Little?


What happened to the Greg Little and Instagram star Devin Brugman relationship we first told you about in early January? It seems that the seemingly happy couple (during the holidays at a Cleveland Browns party) has hit splitsville.

Can you possibly blame Brugman if she broke it off with the Browns wide receiver? He only made around $700,000 during the 2012 season and will only make around $900k in 2013. That’s not exactly big money for a woman who is the Internet underground’s Kate Upton.

A quick investigation revealed that Brugman has deleted all photos of herself and Little from her Instagram and Pheed accounts. BC investigators also noticed that Little has deleted his Instagram account. His Twitter account has been fairly quiet, and there are no mentions of being dumped.

It’s such a shame because they looked so happy and she was about to get really nice Christmas gifts.


As for how the Instagram star spent her Valentine’s Day, it seems she was definitely single.

Friends are FOREVER boys are WHATEVER!!! Ha Happy valentines day everybody!

That brings us to the good news. Are you rich? Are you in good shape and have one of those secret American Express cards? Do you play football? Have you recently signed a f-you money kind of contract?

Devin Brugman is single. Hit her up ‏@devin_brugman.