23 Best Screencaps Of Miami Dolphins 2013 Bikini Calendar Shoot & A Giant Boa



How brilliant are the minds at the Sun Sports channel? They waited until the boring days of February to premiere the 2013 Miami Dolphins bikini calendar video. And how awesome are the two videos? Um, let’s just say a 10 foot Boa constrictor has a guest appearance.

In the 5+ year history of Busted Coverage, I’ve never seen a 10-foot Boa on a cheerleader during a bikini calendar shoot. Never.

But these are pros. You don’t get selected to be in the bikini calendar if you’re afraid to take chances. If that means letting a giant snake slither around your body, so be it.

Are you at work and your boss doesn’t care if you blow off work by watching bikini calendar videos?

Dolphins Bikini Calendar Videos.

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