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#KUBoobs: Iowa State Overtime Win Edition [PHOTOS]

The Kansas Jayhawks got back on track last night with a hard-fought 108-96 overtime win over Iowa State. As usual the crew over at @KUBoobs had fans of any team pulling for the Jayhawks.

Our favorite growing trend about the #KUBoobs phenomenon is MLB pitcher Latroy Hawkins’ affinity for the Twitter account.

Hawkins, who signed a minor league deal with the Mets in January, frequently re-tweets and mentions the #KUBoobs photos on his own Twitter account. The following photos were all re-tweeted by Hawkins over the past week.

KU-Boobs-Latroy-Hawkins-RT (1)

KU-Boobs-Latroy-Hawkins-RT (2)

KU-Boobs-Latroy-Hawkins-RT (3)

KU-Boobs-Latroy-Hawkins-RT (4)

Whoever these girls are should be proud. You were the four best recent #KUBoobs posts. Latroy felt you were worthy of a place on his timeline, a true honor.

For the best of the rest of last nights #KUBoobs action check out the gallery below.


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