Jordan Nolan vs Sheldon Souray – Whose Consolation Prize Is Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly

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Anaheim Ducks pretty boy Sheldon Souray might not have won his brawl last night with the Kings Jordan Nolan, but he has the best consolation prize in the NHL. Imagine you get your ass kicked in a fight and go home to an empty house, but you have a little Yorkie named Pepper.

Now imagine you go home to a house and Barbie Blank opens the door and sees your hockey wounds. You might know her better as Kelly Kelly, former WWE Diva.

That’s how Souray rolls.

The guy might’ve been clipped by at least two shots from Nolan (only Souray’s second fight in two years), but the guy won’t feel the knots on his head one bit when this is waiting for him at the front door. I’d scrap now and then, too.