Iowa State Kid Didn’t Take Last Night’s Loss To Kansas Very Well & More Screencaps!


And here comes Kansas. 10 days ago the Jayhawks were buried by a three-game losing streak. National title hopes were fading. A #1 seed was gone. Even a meaningless Big 12 championship was slipping away.

Now the Jayhawks have won five in a row, have two of their last three at home and are #5 in the RPI (full standings).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you when Kansas is in the Final Four. As for this kid and his Iowa State team, it looks like the Cyclones (51 RPI) will need a strong finish and a win or two in the Big 12 tourney to get into the Big Dance. Worst-case scenario is a visit to the NIT and a couple home games in March.

Wipe those tears, little guy.


Iowa State and ESPN officials haven’t figured out what molly is. Maybe visit Urban Dictionary, boys.


Let’s play spot the ESPN fail. Yes, he spells his name R-Y-E-N.


Um, what happened to Triple H last night on Raw?


Who attacked Triple H? None other than Brock Lesnar.


And more Triple H piss stain.


Finally, that poster says, “She’s a 10.”

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