Iowa State Fan Drops Racial Slurs & Death Threats On Kansas Guard Elijah Johnson

Iowa State fans have not been taking last nights loss to Kansas very well. First we had the nut-job storm the court to confront KU coach Bill Self. Now, even worse, we’re seeing an ISU fan named  Stephen Koithan dropping death threats and racial slurs to star Kansas guard Elijah Johnson via a series of now deleted tweets.

Johnson, who scored 39 points in the overtime win, was the target of harsh words and threats of violence from a crew of Iowa State d-bags.

Their names? Stephen Koithan and Jordan Sitzmann.

Here was the worst tweet which came from Sitzmann and was re-tweeted by Koithan:

Me and @stephen_koithan are gonna take his gun and head over to the KU bus….. got 30 bullets so whose on the list.

It appears that the tweets were first noticed by @michaelgraham, an Iowa Hawkeyes fan. He made it his mission to get these tweets seen and has done just that.

Koithan and Sitzmann’s accounts have since been deactivated.


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