Emailer Claims Johnny Manziel Has Secret Road Beef


You see that small box in the upper left corner that says “Got a Tip” and lets you enter a message for the editors? You have no idea what comes through that tip hotline. From the absurd, to the random model who just wants attention for her Instagram work, we get it all.

We’ll use the BC Tip Hotline series to document the best of the best. And please, if you have a great tip that our experts need to investigate, send it in.



The Claim: Johnny Manziel was unfaithful to his possibly on-again, off-again girlfriend Sarah Savage (above).

The Plaintiff: Some rando named Jonathan who had claims for us to investigate.

Believability: Look, Manziel is 20, just won the Heisman, has a Twitter account that’s on fire and hot chicks are throwing themselves at Scooby. Would it be shocking for Football to have poon in different parts of the country? Not at all. The guy is always on the move and poon, from other investigations, isn’t against flying into different cities.

As for evidence to this claim, there are no photos or direct messages for us to post. You guys send evidence and it’s game on. Until then, this case will remain open.