Brock Lesnar Received 12 Staples In Head After Raw Injury [PHOTOS, VIDEO]


Last night on Raw, Brock Lesnar proved once again that he is one of the most bad-ass guys in the business. Lesnar had to receive 12 staples in his head after Triple H threw him off the ring post.

Brock failed to cover up correctly and the side of his head immediately split open. The cut was not planned. This was legitimate blood pouring out of his head.

Bloody-Brock-Lesnar (2)

Wrestling enthusiasts would have known it was legitimate blood immediately. In the TV-PG era, the WWE has wiped out all intentional blood from the broadcast so 99% of the time the blood you see is the real deal.

Lesnar continued to battle for nearly 3 minutes after the injury, and even took a few more blows to the head.

Lesnar Lead

According to PWInsider:

Lesnar received twelve staples to close the wound and is now walking around telling everyone he is completely fine. He is a beast.

Yes, he is a beast. Video footage of the brawl is below (unless the WWE already pulled the clip from YouTube). The blood starts flowing at about the 1:37 mark, but keep watching for a pretty intense battle between the two heavyweights.

[h/t PWInsider]