Sam Bradford’s Ex-Girlfriend Karlie Kloss Still Looking Decent

Image via Superior Pics

Image via Superior Pics

You might remember Coachella 2012 when Rams quarterback Sam Bradford had wafer model Karlie Kloss hanging off his hipster sweater. It was a big social media moment for Bradford since he’s pretty much an afterthought. Kloss was 19.

One thing led to another and Kloss told Vanity Fair she wasn’t dating Bradford; they were just friends. Kloss went on say that she was a huge St. Louis sports fan and “with Sam in there and lots of young, great talent, I think that my Rams are Super Bowl bound!”

That prediction worked out.

As for Kloss’s career, she’s now 20 and working hard on her wafer game. As you can see in this recent shoot, she appears to have eaten a bowl of hummus in February. That’s it – hummus.


[via Superior Pics]

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