Rugby Trainer Gets Face Full Of Naked Streaker Ass [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Rugby-Streaker (2)

A streaker stole the show at a pre-season rugby match in New Zealand over the weekend between the Vodafone Warriors and the NRMA Insurance Broncos. The speedy streaker took off and had a decent run going until Warriors strength and conditioning coach (and former player) Ruben Wiki tackled him from behind.

How soon after making the tackle did Ruben Wiki regret his decision? Was it when he grabbed the guys junk, or when he got a whole face of ass?

Rugby-Streaker-Tweet (1)

Yeah, I’m sure the gloves did a great job of masking the handful of genitalia Wiki had grasped. Either way the crowd roared with approval after the big tackle. According to the Otago Daily Times:

The tackle prompted a roar from the crowd and a finger-waving celebration from Wiki after security guards arrived to take over, but the streaker then managed to wriggle free and continue his dash until caught while trying to scale a fence.

Rugby-Streaker (3)There were two videos posted of the incident. The first is a quick :06 second clip showing the lead up and the tackle. The second shows the tackle and the aftermath.

The Warriors won 16-10 for those of you who care about pre-season New Zealand rugby.