Panthers Ice Girl Karlyn Olson Teases New Photoshoot


Karlyn-Olson-Panthers (1)

BC has been a long time fan of the Florida Panthers Ice Girls. We’ve featured Karlyn Olson and a few other girls before so when we heard they had a new photo shoot we got excited. The quality of these new photos isn’t great but from the look of it we’ll be seeing some great photos down the road.

Karlyn-Olson-Panthers (3)

That’s Karlyn on the left and other BC favorite Danielle Castellano on the right. The Panthers, who sit at 5-9-4 near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, could use any added motivation they can get. These photos should do the trick.

Karlyn-Olson-Panthers (4)

As for Karlyn, we have her sexiest photos below. Make sure to check out her Twitter (@KarlynOlson) and keep an eye out for all your Lady Panther news and the amazing photos she’ll inevitably upload.

Bonus Video: Panthers Ice Girls Singing Version Of ‘Rack City’

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