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One Of Those Duck Dynasty Morons Was In Daytona 500 Victory Lane & More Screencaps

How do those morons from Duck Dynasty keep showing up at events and party with Johnny Manziel in New Orleans at the Super Bowl? That show is this biggest waste of time on TV, a bigger waste than MTV profiling 16 year olds who pump out babies.

The best part of the Daytona 500?

The gyro cam. Love it.


(via @chellerydsm)


As for Bama fans at Daytona, our friend Bunkie Perkins sent this dispatch from the party. Missouri fan seems to be fading fast.

Picture 3

In rugby news:

Picture 4

In NBA news:

Picture 6

Meanwhile, in Tampa, the Yankees are down a left-handed bat and an outfielder. Granderson will be out 10 weeks

Picture 5

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