Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend Kelly Hall Back In A Bikini [PHOTOS]


Kelly-Hall-Vacation (2)

Trying to put a disappointing 4-12 season behind him, Matt Stafford and girlfriend Kelly Hall ditched Detroit last week for some time in Atlantis. 

We’ve chronicled one of the happy couples’ vacations before, but this was the first time we’ve seen Kelly and Matt doing their beach thing in a while.

Kelly-Hall-Tweet (1)

It appears as if they went down to the luxurious Bahamas vacation destination for a few days in the middle of last week. The Detroit metro area just happened to get pounded with 45+ MPH winds and some snow last Tuesday, the day the above tweet was published. Sometimes things just work out perfectly, don’t they?

Instead of being bundled up under a huge parka and winter hat, Kelly was rocking a bikini and Stafford was showing some skin.

Kelly-Hall-Vacation (1)

Kelly-Hall-Tweet (2)

As of Friday it was back to reality for Kelly and Matt. There is still substantial time left in the off-season so more bikini photos might not be out of the realm of possibility. If and when it happens we’ll let you know.

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