Ashley Doris Is Playboy’s Miss March 2013 [INTERVIEW, PHOTOS]


Playboy Playmate Ashley Doris loves animals, just not when they bite her nipples. During her pictorial shoot as Miss March 2013, Doris posed with a giant white cockatoo named Izzy. Everything was going well until the bird decided to take a bite out of the Playmate.

“(Izzy) stole the show at the shoot. When she was on my hand, she leaned over and bit my nipple hard. Twice,” Doris said from San Diego, where she will soon volunteer (ironically) for the San Diego Bird Rescue.

“Everyone just started laughing, meanwhile I’m worried that she drew blood.”

The first-ever Playmate from Connecticut, Doris, 23, grew up in West Hartford. While competing in a bikini contest in Las Vegas in 2012, Doris found out a Playboy casting was being held at the same hotel as the competition. She ditched the bikini for her birthday suit, and now she’s in the magazine, which is currently on newsstands. In two weeks, Doris will host the Tropic Beauty World Finals competition in Las Vegas.

“I’ve come full circle and gone from contestant to finalist to host. A lot has changed in a year.”

Doris told us about the friend she has at ESPN, Playboy parties and why she would eat a Playmate.

We know you are the first Playmate from Connecticut. Have any ESPN guys like Chris Berman been hitting on you at the bars?

“No. No ESPN guys. Since I shot my spread, I haven’t spent a lot of time back in Connecticut. I’m going back in March, and I have a friend that does makeup for ESPN, so maybe then they will.”

What athletes have been hitting on you at the Playboy mansion?

“None, to my knowledge. Most of the parties I’ve been at inside the mansion have been pretty tame. I’ve mostly been to dinner parties where a lot of the people that attend are (Hugh Hefner’s) good friends of 20 years or more, so it doesn’t get out of control.”

Connecticut is the divide between the Yankees / Red Sox, Jets-Giants / Patriots fans. What teams do you root for?

“I don’t root for any team. My friends are different, though. You have to be careful what you say around some of them about sports or it’s like an instant fight.”

Is Gronk really that hot? Who is hotter: Rob Gronkowski or Tim Tebow?

“I’ve heard of Tebow and ‘Tebowing,’ and I’ve seen pictures of him. He is a good-looking guy, so I’ll go with that.”

We know from stalking your Twitter profile that you’re a fan of ‘The Walking Dead.’ In the event you became one of the undead in a zombie apocalypse, do you eat other Playmates or Hugh Hefner first?

“If I was a zombie, I’d definitely go after the Playmates. They’re spunky and full of life. ‘Walkers’ (the zombies) are attracted to fast movement, and they tend to go after whatever is moving fastest.”

What’s the weirdest reaction you’ve gotten to your status as a Playboy Playmate?

“I read this online gossip site, based in Connecticut, that made these awkward comments about me without ever interviewing me. They noted that  ‘She changed her name from Ashley Wilson to Ashley Doris,’ but my name is Ashley Doris Wilson; it’s just easier to use Doris (for online promotion)…They made other comments, like putting the word model in quotation marks. I do model for brands (like Adidas and others)… It was all very condescending, so that’s pretty weird.”

See Ashley Doris, the Playmate of the Month for March 2013, in Playboy — on newsstands now and online at


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