Sacramento State – UC Riverside Brawl At Baseball Game [VIDEO]

Sacramento State - UC Riverside Brawl

Not enough people care about college baseball. You can’t say that about the Sacramento State – UC Riverside players who threw heads during Fridays’ game between the schools in Sacramento.

In the third inning, UC Riverside’s Eddie Young got caught in a rundown between second and third. When Sac State’s Andrew Ayers tagged Young out, he added a little emphatic shove. Young took exception and slapped Ayers right in the face, and it was on. There were some nice big swings and tackles in this fight, which was not your typical shoving match. Check out the video below (note the ump dreaming of nachos a few feet away at the beginning of the fight. A little help, blue?):

Ayers, Young and Drake Zarate of UC Riverside were ejected from the game. Under NCAA rules, players ejected for fighting face a mandatory four-game suspension.

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