Christmas Abbott: NASCAR’s First Female Pit Crew Member [25 PHOTOS]



Christmas Abbott, a 5’3″ 115-pound woman, just made history. She recently signed a contract to become the first woman to ever work in a NASCAR pit crew.

Pit crew, huh? Some of you may be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well consider the fact that the average tire she’ll be changing and carrying during the race account for over half her body weight (60 lbs.), this is no laughing matter.

According to Yahoo:

She also will be in Clint Bowyer’s pit for Sunday’s Daytona 500, where she’ll shadow the Michael Waltrip Racing crew in anticipation of a potential future “over the wall” assignment.

As for her contract, she signed on with the Camping World Truck Series and will be working with driver Jennifer Jo Cobb.

Christmas-Abbott (5)

More Information On Christmas

  • 31
  • Native of Virginia
  • Can squat 225 lbs.
  • Has multiple tattoos, including a gun on her hip
  • 2,866 followers on Twitter (@ChristmasFitnes)
  • 11,663 followers on Instagram (christmasabbott)

[Photos via Imgur and Instagram]

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