Cam Newton Brings Doughnuts & Orange Juice To Auburn Class


Cam-Newton-Donuts (3)

Cam Newton just keeps on proving why Johnny Football being forced to take online classes is an absolute farce. The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner showed up at class yesterday with a box of 40 donuts and a jug of orange juice for his classmates.

The War Eagle Reporter broke the story and spoke with some Auburn students. One of said students, junior Brookelyne Harvel, had this to say:

He just said since it was Thursday he though he’d bring us some donuts so I guess there was no particular reason. He was really nice about it. Everyone in the class was grateful and thankful.

Johnny Football is officially full of crap. Cam is going to class and seems to be doing alright. Sure he gets attention but the crowds aren’t mobbing him and making it a hindrance on his ability to learn.

Cam-Newton-Donuts (1)

The Auburn student body was thrilled at the gesture and took to Twitter to show their enthusiasm:

Cam-Newton-Donuts-Tweet (4)

Cam-Newton-Donuts-Tweet (3)

Cam-Newton-Donuts-Tweet (2)

Cam-Newton-Donuts-Tweet (1)

[h/t War Eagle Reader]

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