What The F–k Happened To Mike Piazza’s Hairline? [VIDEO]

Former all-star catcher Mike Piazza has been making the media rounds in support of his new book, Long ShotThis week he made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live and gave one of his better interviews, touching on a few random subjects that we previously hadn’t heard much about.

Aside from Jimmy Kimmel frequently referring to Piazza as an Italian American superstar, the highlight had to be when Piazza went into his friendship with Fabio in the 90’s. Here is part 2 of the interview where he goes into their relationship:

Is there anything more 90’s than celebrities bonding over ‘high-end stereo equipment’?

Also…forehead for days!

Mike Piazza Forehead

And last but not least…check out that flow! Looks like that Fabio friendship is still paying dividends!

Mike Piazza Flow

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]