Tim Tebow Cancels Speech At Crazy First Baptist Church In Dallas [UPDATE]



Tim Tebow announced this morning via @TimTebow that he has canceled his April speech at the controversial First Baptist Church in Dallas. Saying that “new information” had been a factor in cancelling, Tebow has made what seems to be a smart PR move after it was announced that he would be sharing the gospel at Dr. Robert Jeffress’ church.

Jeffress is better known for his views on Jews and gays.

According to the Dallas Morning News:

But in America’s ongoing cultural wars, Tebow’s very public faith and Jeffress’ strict-constructionist views on salvation and Christianity have generated enormous amounts of controversy.

Jeffress has been outspoken against homosexuality, said Islam and Mormonism are “heresy from the pit of hell” and tied Catholicism to “a Babylonian mystery religion” that corrupted the early Christian church.

Neither man makes any apology.

“I think as pastors we have a duty to preach ‘the whole counsel of God,’ and not just discuss those that are politically correct,” Jeffress said. “It’s my role to speak clearly on the issues on which the Bible speaks clearly. It’s my role to preach what the Bible says, and that includes the controversial issues.

He didn’t elaborate on what the “new information” is.

The church is scheduled to inaugurate a new $130 million campus on March 31 and Tebow was to be the big celebrity name to preach the gospel, according to the Christian Post.

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UPDATE: According to a press release from First Baptist Church, Tebow wants to speak to the congregation at a later date.

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