The Schoolyard: Erin Andrews Beefing With Twitter Loser, Cheerleaders Knuckle Up & Dana White Stays Perfect



You’ve been sitting around the house, eating greasy pizza, watching the NFL Network and avoiding your annoying girlfriend or wife. You haven’t moved off the couch in 48 hours and your phone died, rendering your Twitter account worthless.

Meanwhile, sports smack-talking maniacs have been using social media and other outlets to vent on fellow combatants. Athletes are fighting writers. Writers are fighting writers. Athletes are fighting fans.

This is where Busted Coverage steps in on a weekly basis. The gatekeepers.

If someone is in a sports-related war, we’re all ears. If you know of a sports-related beef, we want to hear about it. There are no sports beefs too small for The Schoolyard editors. Try us.

Erin Andrews Responds To Guy With 9 Followers


Fight Combatants: Erin Andrews and some Twitter scrub @BradRich51

Fight Details: Andrews tries to tweet about going to the gym and Twitter scrub can’t let it go without a smartass comment.

Picture 1

Don’t mind Brad, he’s a Jets and New York Rangers fan.

Fight Scorecard: Andrews KO; Brad, being the true Twitter bitch he is, never responded to her question.

Finally, A Fun Way For Cheerleaders To Settle Differences


Fight Combatants: Pacific Palisades (CA) cheerleaders

Fight Details: According to KTLA:

A Palisades Charter High School student is claiming that her coach forced her to fight with another student after she had reported being bullied by her.

The girls fought, resulting in scratches and a black eye.

“I felt embarrassed and humiliated and ashamed,” Cimone Holloway told KTLA.

Holloway said she was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch with a back eye the last time she was supposed to cheer with her Pali High cheerleading squad.

Cimone, a junior, said that she was at odds with a teammate over a boy.

“In that fight, I tripped over my foot and was on the floor and she was on top of me and again punching me. And sometime during that fight, she kicked me in the forehead.”


Handled perfectly by the cheerleading coach. Gotta beef with a teammate? Knuckle up. Get your ass kicked? Tough. Don’t be a moron the next time.

Picture 2

Fight Scorecard: Girl who told KTLA obviously lost the brawl.

The Schoolyard Legend Swats Away Some Dork


Fight Combatants: The guy who’s never lost a Schoolyard fight vs. some Twitter scrub

Fight Details: Dana White and Joe Rogan try to have an adult conversation and the Twitter cockroaches want to start beefing.

Picture 1

Fight Scorecard: My God this Dana White guy never loses. Line up sports commissioners and he’s top two. Flip a coin between White and Goodell.

A Catholic Priest Vs. Indiana’s Basketball Program


Fight Combatants: Michigan State priest and anyone who roots for Indiana basketball or hates Catholic priests.

Fight Details: Father Joe is known by his followers to drop some crazy sports rivalry tweets. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He likes to create some friendly Twitter beefs here and there. Then he dropped the “children” tweet. Of course Indiana was pissed off.


Father Joe claims he was ultimately attacked with vicious pedophile hate messages. Oh, and Indiana beat Michigan State, 72-68, adding insult to injury.

Fight Scorecard: Obviously Team Indiana

Shutdown Corners In Twitter Beef


Fight Combatants: Darrelle Revis, who’s trying to get paid by the Jets, and the Seahawks Richard Sherman

Fight Details: Richard Sherman, through two NFL seasons, has 12 INTs and four forced fumbles. Darrelle Revis, in the same period, had eight INTs and one forced fumble. Sherman is now calling himself the best corner in the league and Revis, who wants paid, says that’s ridiculous.

Sherman went on NFL Network Thursday morning and said, “I’m not gonna let (Revis) … call me a little girl.”

As for the tweets everyone is talking about, it was a decent war. Not Dockett-Ocho, but still pretty good.






Fight Scorecard: Sherman, via decision. The guy gets out of a PED case, has an eight pick season and Revis didn’t even play.


I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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