Nick Barnett’s Custom Ford F-650’s Gas Tank Will Hold At Least 121 Gallons! $500 Fill-Up!!


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Former Bills/Packers linebacker Nick Barnett is a bit of an automotive enthusiast. We’re used to seeing car photos from him, but the one he posted today of his custom camouflage Ford F-650 really caught our eye.

Barnett seems to have had this beast for a little while now and frequently refers to it as ‘Big Black’. Originally a boring red truck was transformed into something you’d expect to see the U.S. Army using in a war zone.

It got us thinking…how much did this baby cost? How many miles does it get per gallon? What does a fill-up cost?

We proceeded to uncover this photo:

Nick-Barnett-F-650 (4)

Just a casual $500 fill-up. The max capacity on one of these gas tanks is 145 gallons (varies by model), so anytime you are going to fill-up its going to run you a pretty penny.

To get an idea of the cost, a 2013 model will range from $54,785-$65,710 BEFORE any customization or accessories.

Ford does a good job of hiding the miles per gallon for these trucks on their website. They don’t want to scare potential buyers off when seeing a single digit number, but after some research the consensus is around 8 mpg in the city and 10 mpg on the highway. Gulp.

Nick-Barnett-F-650 (3)

Barnett made $3 million last season in Buffalo and has signed two separate 8-figure contracts during his career. He can easily afford the damage, but is driving a truck usually meant for commercial towing and hauling really a necessity.

[nickbarnett50 Instagram]

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