Karl Malone Working As A Cook For TeriYaki Grill In Louisiana [PHOTOS]


Karl Malone TeriYaki Grill

If you aren’t from Utah odds are you have never heard of the TeriYaki Grill. Former NBA star Karl Malone must have grown an affection for the place while he was a member of the Jazz because back in 2011, he opened his own franchised location in Ruston, LA. He’ll even whip up some food there from time to time.

TeriYaki Grill, sometimes referred to as T-Grill, describes itself as follows:

It’s the ultimate grilling experience at Teriyaki Grill, where we offer a fresh, healthy menu that leaves you satisfied and happy!

According to a report, Karl and his wife Kay opened their franchise back in November of 2011. Since then he has been known to pop in from time to time, throw on the apron and get his hands dirty.

Karl Malone TeriYaki Grill Tweet (2)

Karl Malone TeriYaki Grill Tweet (3)

Malone’s business interests don’t stop there. The Mailman is keeping busy in retirement. Check out a list of all the businesses and entities he has his hands on:

  • Teriyaki Grill (Ruston, LA)
  • Texaco/Arby’s (Ruston, LA)
  • A 230-acre cattle ranch
  • 3 Jiffy Lube franchises (Utah)
  • 2 Burger King franchises (Utah, Idaho)
  • Karl Malone Used Car Outlet
  • Karl Malone Toyota
  • M&M Automotive Body Shop/Collision Center
  • A few thousand acres in Louisiana for tree harvesting


What makes us love Karl Malone so much is that he doesn’t let his business life define who he is. We already told you about the badass slide he has in his house, but the fact that his Twitter bio is “In the woods or in a boat” and he posts photos like this make us love him even more.

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