High School Cheerleader Claims Teammate Kicked Her Ass In Coach Sanctioned Fight


How often do we hear about cheerleader teammates fighting each other over a boy in a brawl sanctioned by a coach? Rarely. But that’s exactly what went down at a Pacific Palisades charter school, according to the cheerleader who got her ass lit up and is now talking to the media.

Cimone Holloway was interviewed this week by KTLA and explained how a coach, (LaTina Reffells is the head coach), encouraged a fight to settle a beef over a boy.

But Cimone said the coach insisted that they settle their differences physically. She claims the coach put on music and moved a desk, and then the punching began.

“Another cheerleader broke up the fight. I thought that it was over and the coach said, ‘Do you guys want to go another round?” Cimone recalled.

“In that fight, I tripped over my foot and was on the floor and she was on top of me and again punching me. And sometime during that fight, she kicked me in the forehead.”

She said that she was forced to sit out the game, humiliated, and with bruises, swelling and scratches. She claims her coach asked her to lie to her mother about what happened.

“She told the other girls, as they were getting dressed for the game, to pinky-swear not to tell anybody outside of the team,” she said.

Would Holloway be making the media rounds if she would’ve lit up the other girl? Of course not. This is how the world sometimes works. The coach was obviously tired of trying to control chaos. She’d had enough of the nonsense and figured a good old fashioned ass whoopin’ would end the beef.

Of course now Team Holloway has lawyered up and KTLA’s i-Team is on the case. It sure isn’t the 80s or early 90s anymore.

According to the Palisades High School website, the school was ranked by Newsweek as one of best in the United States. Surely this was all just a big misunderstanding.