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The Boston College Basketball Student Section Is A Joke [PHOTOS]

Was the Silvio O. Conte Forum rocking last night, or what? The Boston College student section looks pumped to see some top of the line ACC action. Seriously. The one guy who showed up looks really pumped.

Boston-College-Student-Section (2)

BC was taking on Maryland in a conference game which meant a hell of a lot more to Maryland than it did to BC. The Terrapins were 18-7 coming into last nights game and still in the NCAA tournament discussion.

Boston College on the other hand was sitting at 11-14 and 3-9 in ACC play. And you wonder why nobody wanted to come out on a Tuesday night to watch this team.

Boston-College-Student-Section (1)

The Eagles ended up winning 69-58 after a horrendous second half by Maryland. Just how bad was it? They only scored 5 points in the first ten minutes, and followed that effort with a 5:00 scoring drought.

Boston-College-Student-Section (3)

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