Scott Hall: I “Drink Vodka For Breakfast”; Can DDP Save Ex-Wrestler From Death? [VIDEOS, PHOTO]



Last week, Diamond Dallas Page uploaded two videos. They featured himself and fellow WWE legend Jake The Snake Roberts calling their friend and former wrestler Scott Hall, trying to convince him to enter a rehab program for his severe alcohol addiction.

Hall, who has been an alcohol and drug abuser for years, seemed to be on his last leg. Many thought he was on his figurative death bed. He was even highlighted in an E:60 feature in 2011 which showed just how far he had fallen.

It looks like things are changing.

Scott-Hall-DDP tweet

After the series of phone calls it looks like DDP and Jake The Snake convinced Scott that change was needed. The two videos are below, both of the outreach and the acceptance.

DDP has turned himself into quite the yoga instructor. His program has countless success stories, including Jake The Snake Roberts.

Who knows if Scott Hall will go through with this program. Who knows if he will distance himself from his demons. All we do know is this is a huge step for ‘The Bad Guy’. Anything to keep him from drinking vodka for breakfast is a good thing.

BC is pulling for ya Razor.

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