Roger Clemens Swags Out At Spring Training With His 1986 All-Star Game Cowboy Boots



Do we really need to tell you – AGAIN – about Roger Clemens and his level of swag? The guy was at it again this week at Astros training camp where Rocket broke out the baby blue cowboy boots he got in a gift bag at the 1986 All-Star Game.

According to Paul White at the USA Today, Roger totally impressed the assembled media.

The boots, by the way, have a special baseball connection. They were part of the goodie bag players received at the 1986 All-Star Game in Houston — the first of Clemens’ 11 selections and which was played in his hometown.

“Yeah, the ‘Luv Ya, Blue’ Oilers, remember?” Clemens says. “I’ve re-soled ’em three times. They’re comfortable and the rodeo’s coming, so I’ve got to break ’em out.”

Uh huh. We’ve only documented Clemens at baseball parks about 30 or so times and he’s never worn those boots. You think he knew the media would take an interest in his boots?

Nah. No way.

As for the 1986 All-Star Game, Clemens won the MVP award in his mid-summer classic debut (lineups).

[via @brianmctaggart, @ChronAstros]



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