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NHL Fights: Mike Brown vs B.J. Crombeen Via Great Camera Angle

It’s not like this Mike Brown vs B.J. Crombeen fight during last night’s Maple Leafs-Lightning game was crazy good. Crombeen lands a c0uple nice rights and Brown gets in a decent cheap shot when the linesmen skate in to break it up.

The real story here is the camera angle for this scrap. You must hand it to Sun Sports, sister channel to Fox Sports Florida, for the production quality. Look at the clock. It’s a first period brawl so the kids are still up and two enforcers are throwing bombs on your 55″ Samsung.

Why even go to the games when this is in your face from the comfort of a sectional couch?

If you care, Tampa won 4-2, and is now tied for first in the Southeast.


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