Gronk Partying In Vegas Again, Gets In Good Stretch Before Fiesta



Just days after having a cast removed from his left arm and saying that he was concentrating on his health, our hero Gronk was partying again Tuesday night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for Hudson Jeans. The last time he was in Sin City there was a decent $10k bar tab and a video on TMZ.

As you can see above, the legend made sure he stretched out last night before launching into another wild fiesta.

According to @HudsonJeans:

#Gronk getting ready for some sick dance moves at #hjcr14 in his @hudsonjeans #letyourselfgo

It seems the left arm held up through the stretching process. That should make the old codgers at the Boston Herald happy. You might remember back in early February when some wacko Herald columnist chick inferred that Gronk might want to tone down the partying.

Um, yeah.

So far he’s under control.

Picture 1

Of course Meat told that everything is good.

“I’ve just been living my life how I have been — with my family, with my friends — since I was a young kid,” Gronkowski said. “I appreciate everyone’s support of me. Just worrying about my arm, just making sure I’m 100 percent healthy, which I totally agree because I definitely want to be 100 percent healthy. I love playing the game of football. I love the game of football. To this day, I always wonder, without sports where would I be? I just have to appreciate that and just watch out, totally be careful out there, and get my forearm 100 percent and get my body healthy so when next season rolls around, I’m ready to go.”

Hence the stretching. There’s no word when Team Gronk leaves Vegas for Los Angeles to work the red carpet for Rich Eisen.

[via @HudsonJeans]

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