We Think LaPhonso Ellis Was Playing Abe Lincoln Last Night On ESPNU & More Screencaps!


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ESPN isn’t a company that passes up the chance to do something wily with an afterthought national holiday. Take last night’s Rutgers-Villanova game where the execs thought it would be great to dress up LaPhonso Ellis and Adam Amin – for President’s Day.

At least they didn’t have Ellis dress as one of the Presidents who had slaves. That would’ve been a little awkward.


In other ESPN news, TWINS!


Hockey in Florida seems to be going pretty good. Better fans: Panthers or Heat?

Picture 1

Odds & Ends:

Picture 2

Picture 3

Finally, the NY Post – and we’d trade Revis, too. It’s an offensive league and the Jets can’t score. That should make this decision rather easy.

Picture 4

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