Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Black Greg Louganis Of 7-Footers Off Diving Board [VIDEO]



BC reader Rashad A. sent word today that he’s been infatuated lately with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and this celebrity diving competition, ‘Splash.’

“Kareem has been having quite an entertaining few days. He was in the Darth Vader mask, and now he’s doing back flips off a diving board. The guy is a machine.”

That he is.

Let’s not forget that Kareem is 7-foot-2 and 65 years old. How many 7-foot black guys do you know who can do back flips off a spring board? You ever see Manute Bol go off a diving board. Sure, he’s dead, but what about when he was alive? Of course you didn’t.

What about Dikembe?

As for white 7-footers, you ever see Mark Eaton – former Salt Lake City Jazz stud – doing diving board flips? No you haven’t.

Need any other reason to watch this crazy ABC show, ‘Splash’ when it premieres on March 19 at 8 EST? You’ll also get Katherine Webb in a swimsuit providing the scenery.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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