Johnny Manziel Allegedly Taking Online Classes Because He Was Being Mobbed, But Was He?



The national media, Internet media and pretty much everyone who cares about college football is reacting to news that Heisman winner Johnny Manziel is taking four online courses this semester because Texas A&M students are mobbing him for autographs and photos, especially in an English class.

That’s what he told media yesterday during a Davey O’Brien Award presentation press conference.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

For now, Manziel is focused on preparing for spring football drills, which open March 2, and an academic schedule that includes four online classes in sports management that do not require him to be on campus every day. Manziel, 20, said he switched to the all-online approach after his presence caused a stir in an English class when the spring semester began.

“I went one day, and it kind of turned into a little more of a big deal than I thought,” said Manziel, who swapped the English class for another online offering in sports management.

“People just think that I’m going wild with it, when it’s not like that,” said Manziel, who called it “very frustrating” that his priorities have been called into question by outsiders. “You just have to have thick skin and just let it roll off your back and not take it to heart.”

Seems legitimate enough. Heisman winner can’t be on campus because students become enamored with the new celebrity. They want a piece of Johnny Football. They want to be close to Johnny Football. They want to tell their friends about Johnny Football being in their class.

They need to tweet about Johnny being in their class. They want to upload photos of Johnny in class.

Pure pandemonium.

The Texas A&M spring semester started January 14. The first photos of Manziel on campus were posted by BC on January 23. Manziel posted this on Jan. 24.

Picture 1

So where are all the tweets about Johnny Mania from that English class?


Maybe another search term will lead to the chaos.


Maybe another search term will lead to the chaos.


Maybe another search term will lead to the chaos.


Maybe another search term will lead to the chaos.


Maybe another search term will lead to the chaos.


We can’t find any Twitter reference to English class chaos. We can’t find any Twitter reference to students going nuts that Johnny Heisman was in their English class. We can’t find any Twitter reference to students taking photos of Heisman in their English class.

Now, there were a couple of photos snapped with Manziel at the bookstore and at a Best Buy where Manziel was wearing a ‘Heisman’ pullover.

Maybe A&M students freaked out over Manziel in mid-January and didn’t tweet about it. Or maybe the incident he’s referencing didn’t actually happen.

Do we care that Manziel is taking four online classes from the comfort of wherever he lives? Absolutely not. This is good for BC business. He’s hitting more events. He’s getting defensive about his classes. He’s still tweeting photos with celebrities.

We’re more interested in the national media just taking Manziel’s word that trying to go to class was just so overwhelming. Would we be surprised if the national media was getting played? Not one bit.

Maybe you were in the class he allegedly couldn’t sit through without commotion. Maybe you’d like to share pics or a story.
[Top photo via @grahamkatie]

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