Coyotes Fan & Pediatric Doctor Tells Denver Post’s Adrian Dater To “Catch Movie In Aurora, Join Redfield”



Imagine a pediatric doctor being so angry at another human that he’d tell that human to “Go catch a movie in Aurora,” a reference to the massacre at the suburban Denver theater where 12 people were killed and 58 were injured.

From a pediatric doctor.

Now imagine that same doctor, Scott Schnee (@Babydocscott), is a Phoenix Coyotes fan and told Denver Post Avalanche reporter Adrian Dater (@adater) “join Jessica (Redfield) for all I care,” a reference to the former Busted Coverage writer and aspiring Denver sports reporter who was cowardly murdered in the Aurora slaughter.

From a pediatric doctor. On Twitter.

Schnee locked his account after word spread of his ridiculous tweets.



Dater considered Redfield to be a personal friend and penned an emotional blog post soon after her death in which he wrote:

“I guess I kind of took her under my wing a little. For one thing, us gingers stick together, and she looked a lot like my kid sister. I knew that she was very ambitious and wanted to advance along into the world of sports journalism, and I always like seeing young people like that.”

According to Schnee’s biography:

Pediatrics is a wonderful field. I love to solve puzzles. Children fill my days with new puzzles to solve. When I help a sick child, I not only make the child feel better, but I help the entire family feel better. For me, there is no greater calling.

We’ll assume the good doctor didn’t actually mean the tweets he sent and will apologize for being a giant asshole.

[HT: South Stands Denver]

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