Andrew Bynum Hair Now Looks Like A Homeless Bum [VIDEO, PHOTO]


As the 76ers are toiling in mediocrity (22-29, 9th in the East), the franchise centerpiece in Andrew Bynum continues to fall further off the deep end. You’ve all probably seen the horrific haircut by now, but the video footage shines light on another aspect of Bynum’s griminess.

Skip to around the 1:16 mark of the video. To go with his stylish hairdo he also has some sort of substance hanging in his beard.


Whether this is saliva, lint or some of his lunch we cannot confirm. However, if you are an NBA star, the supposed face of a franchise, how can you feel okay about yourself meeting with the press looking worse than the average Philadelphia street dweller.

People were having fun with it on Photoshop:

bynum two face

Reporters were in awe:

Andrew-Bynum-Hair 2

The Bynum saga continues. If you can sit through that full interview you’ll be happy to hear Bynum STILL hasn’t practiced and STILL doesn’t have a firm date on his return to action. He claims he is only a few weeks away, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Can’t wait to hear the pop from the 9,500 people at Wells Fargo Center when Bynum makes his triumphant return.

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