Marshall Henderson Makes Harlem Shake Video With Ole Miss Coeds


Hopefully we aren’t the only ones who are excited to finally see a Marshall Henderson Harlem Shake video. White Chocolate was too busy pounding coeds to make a video, but apparently he found some time to get it done this weekend.

Henderson agreed to appear in the video for Olivia Watkins and her campaign for ASB Attorney General.

Is it a coincidence that the one person who could get Henderson out of sketchy Oxford bars and frat house basements for a corny campaign video was a hot blonde? I think not.

Afterall, when Henderson is spending his weekend nights with broads like this its no wonder he dropped everything to film with Watkins and her pals.

The best part of the video is the hard foul Henderson lays down on Olivia. Check out this screenshot of the nasty aftermath:

Maybe Henderson should be practicing free throws. Ole Miss has completely fallen off the wagon and are just 2-4 in their last 6.

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